Take care of your beautiful body and

cleanse it regularly with nature’s nutrition……

It’s the ONLY place you have to live! 


xx Bek Rowe



Experience the only online 5 day cleanse program designed specifically to boost your energy, open your detoxification pathways, lighten your body, reduce bloating, and improve your sleep for 5 days each season so you don't have to give up your favourite foods forever. 

Plus.... you receive guidance and support from your own Nutritionist, which is way more fun than going it alone! 

$44 for lifetime access.  Woohoo!

See you in the Cleanse! 

Much Love, Bek Rowe. xx

Discover A Proven Way to Drop Stubborn Fat, Rebalance Your Hormones and Boost Your Energy

(PLUS feel the best you’ve felt in YEARS! )

Bek Rowe Gut and Hormone Nutritionist

Hello and welcome! I’m Bek Rowe, Nature’s Nutritionist.

When my clients first come to me they are most often frustrated, feel that they’ve tried EVERYTHING and really just want to go back to feeling like their best self.

Have you been working really hard to lose weight, you’ve been eating right and exercising but finding the things that you used to do aren’t working anymore?

Or do you feel bloated, have break outs and feel foggy in your head with poor memory and little concentration?

The great news is I’ve helped many others who’ve also experienced these ‘symptoms’ – I can help you turn this around and regain your best figure, vitality and once again find your zest for life!

If you have been experiencing these issues, this is your invitation to book a free consultation to see whether my protocol can help you too! I look forward to speaking with you!

x Bek

“the body reveals it when it’s ready to heal it…”

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Bek Rowe Gut Cleanse Accelerator VIP

Gut Cleanse Accelerator VIP

Online & In-Person

The VIP Program is next level, complete with everything in the Gut Cleanse Accelerator, PLUS  1:1 gut nutritionist consultations, where you receive personalised guidance to stay motivated, and enhance your results specific to your unique needs. 

Bek Rowe Gut Cleanse Accelerator

Gut Cleanse Accelerator

Online & In-Person

Not just another detox or cleanse program, The Gut Cleanse Accelerator is an 8 week, 5 step strategy to completely cleanse and reset your gut function.

A nutritionist approved formulated strategy, backed by science, empowering you to completely change your life.

Bek Rowe Body Scan

Gut & Hormone Body Scan

Sunshine Coast Only

Our consultation starts with an overview of your health history to understand your current frustrations (physically, emotionally, energetically).  From there we conduct a Gut & Hormone Body Scan and use the results to implement strategies to achieve your goals.

Rebalance & Restore with Personalised Nutrition for Optimum Vitality


Reduce weight, even when diet hasn't worked


Increase energy 10 x by ridding excess toxicity


Improve memory & focus and achieve mental clarity


Build resilience to stress and anxiety


Get a full nights deep sleep and awaken refreshed


Settle aches and pains and restore your glow




  • Rebecca, I am super excited to journey with you to step towards super health. I feel you are the person I have been looking for and are so perfect to assist me at this time and are so deeply grateful.


  • What an amazing workshop for the Parasite cleanse. Highly recommend to all. Learnt so much valuable info. Very much looking forward to an appointment to help heal our family. Thank you so much for all your help!


  • If you have health issues that nothing seems to work for….this lady knows her stuff!! Get along to see her speak or book an appointment for a private consult.. Rebecca is AMAZING!!!

    Sarah Nadine Rogers

  • I am so grateful for Rebecca’s advice in healthy eating and regular cleansing. She helped me on my journey, not only to achieving my goal weight, but also discovering true wellness and vitality. I have learnt so much about food and the importance it plays in my overall being.

    Melita Briggs

  • I did Rebecca’s parasite cleanse last month, lost 5.3 kgs, and all my cravings, was not hungry at all, every single recipe was delicious, would highly recommend it to everyone.

    Patricia Spencer

Transform Your Life

Break Free From The Issues Holding You Back

gut cleansing - lose weight

Reduce Stubborn Weight

gut cleansing reduce bloating

Eliminate Bloating

gut cleansing increased energy

Increase Your Energy

gut cleansing - lift brain fog

Improve Memory & Focus

gut cleansing clear skin

Overcome Stress & Anxiety

gut cleansing regular period

Get a Great Nights Sleep

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