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Experience the only online 5 day cleanse program designed specifically to boost your energy, open your detoxification pathways, lighten your body, reduce bloating, and improve your sleep for 5 days each season so you don't have to give up your favourite foods forever. 

Plus.... you receive guidance and support from your own Nutritionist, which is way more fun than going it alone! 

$44 for lifetime access.  Woohoo!

See you in the Cleanse! 

Much Love, Bek Rowe. xx

Bek Rowe gut cleansing

Hi I’m Bek Rowe, I created Nature’s Nutritionist with one objective in mind – to support, help and guide everyday men and women on a journey towards living life in better health. Through my own personal experience with health, I have become acutely aware of the modern day challenges that we all face within our external environment and often busy lifestyles. 

You inherently know that health comes from eating well and moving often, but when trying to go it alone, you often don’t get the results you crave because of a lack of structure, a world flooded with mis-information, and most importantly, a need for accountability.  I combine my knowledge, intuition, and experience to help you take out the guesswork on what I believe to be the four pillars of health – Nutrition, Cleansing, Movement, & Mindset.  When combined and mastered, these are the key areas that will bring your health, energy, and wellbeing into alignment.

I truly believe nature provides everything needed to heal, stay in alignment, and maintain a youthful vitality.  To me, nature is a combination of food as nourishment, herbs as medicine, people for connection and immunity, water and air as life force, sun as energy, the earth’s surface to keep us grounded, and trees and animals to keep us present.  For many, the modern world has caused a dis-connection to nature in recent decades and as a result has impacted on health and wellbeing.  

Has stress, busyness, self sabotage, unwanted weight, or a lack of energy become your “normal”? 

If you’ve been wanting a reset for a while but haven’t been able to without support then what better way to start your journey than with your own Nutritionist. 

Connection and community are very important values to me.   You are far more likely to have success with the right guidance and someone cheering you on. It will be way more fun than going it alone.

Take that all important first courageous step and reach out.  

Much Love. 

x Bek

Transformation On Every Level



gut cleansing - lose weight


gut cleansing - lose weight


gut cleansing - lose weight


“the body reveals it when it’s ready to heal it…”

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