Experience a simple, no-compromise cleanse method to look and feel better than ever for your next life chapter

Finally!  The only online 5 day cleanse program designed specifically to boost your energy, lighten your body, clean up your nutrition, and calm your mind each season without having to give up your coffee, wine or chocolate forever. 

And….it’s only $44 for lifetime access.

Is this You?

Your busy schedule and endless “to-do” list leaves you feeling tired and sluggish and has been for a while now. You start the day with coffee for that blissful caffeinated energy boost, then have to deal with the 2.30pm energy crash, and in the evening you enjoy a glass or two of wine to unwind.
You go to bed each night with the intention to start fresh tomorrow, then wake up after a not so great sleep feeling unrested and groggy from the get-go. The habitual rituals you’ve created to borrow energy are deeply ingrained and the loop you’re stuck in is impossible to break on your own.
You used to be able to drop those few extra kilos by tweaking your diet and exercise regime. But as the years go by, this seems to no longer be working and you’re also dealing with a bloated tummy which is making your clothes fit less comfortably. Believe me, I know how this feels.
Perhaps you also find yourself feeling foggy in the brain and forgetting things that you used to easily recall. A lack of mental clarity and focus really interrupt the productivity of the daily “to do” list.

You may even worry too much about the futureget irritated by little things too easily, or have outbursts of anger that are simply not you.

You’re not alone. These exact problems are experienced by most active women and are all telltale signs your body is out of balance.

Before I tell you HOW you can make a change, let me ask you something:

Would you continue to feel tired, have poor sleep, and muddle through your days if there was a simple solution?

Have you been trying to achieve a better body, better sleep and increased energy through diet and exercise without success?

It’s not your fault they didn’t work. We have been taught that restricting calories and busting it out at the gym will be all that’s needed to stay in shape and feel good.

Of course, calories and exercise matter, but what matters more is the QUALITY of food you eat and HOW you move your body.

Here’s the hidden problem that is holding you back from achieving sustainable results when it comes to your weight, energy, and moods. Are you ready for it?


We are exposed to a vast amount of toxins in the modern world. Put simply, a toxin is anything that can do potential harm to your body. They come in many forms such as chemicals, pesticides, air pollution, contaminated water, viruses, medications, and processed foods.

Your body stores toxins in fat cells that can block your progress when it comes to losing weight, zap your energy, cause food cravings, and make you feel irritated, losing the very essence of who you are.

Imagine if you used your toilet every day for 6 months without flushing it! The build up would be catastrophic.

Amazingly, with a little support from a cleanse we can eliminate toxins and bring ourselves back into balance – feeling renewed, energised and motivated.

Once you manage to flush the excess toxins making you sluggish, life becomes a totally different experience and you will start to:

Reduce bloating and fit into your clothes better, in just 5 days, without resorting to fad diets or extreme exercises.
Get a great night’s sleep and wake up feeling well-rested.
Experience an Energy Reset and go into your next life chapter refreshed with renewed clarity, focus, and confidence.
Enjoy better moods every day – feel calmer, clearer and more in control of your emotional wellbeing.
Reignite your energy, clear your mind, and lighten your body with each season.

Do your body a favour and act now because:

1. You can’t ignore the telltale signs anymore.

Poor sleep, headaches, bloating, weight issues and fatigue are how your body is communicating and letting you know there is a problem. These minor problems are like whispers, and if left unchecked will turn into screams. What may be just headaches, fatigue and bloating now – can soon become a more serious disease and illness.
Only regular cleansing can silence the whispers and prevent the screams.

2. Chemicals and toxins keep accumulating in your body if they are never flushed out.

The 100k+ chemicals and environmental toxins in our air, water, food, medications, and living spaces aren’t going away anytime soon. SO the long term effects of toxins will only continue to build up in your system and impede your energy, moods, and body. A regular cleanse helps to remove the excess from your body.

3. A diet rich in added sugars, saturated fats, and excess processed foods can contribute towards diseases such as diabetes, obesity, cancer, arthritis and more.

A reset such as the seasonal cleanse focuses on nutritional foods that support the body’s natural healing processes to balance the body and prevent disease, as well as slowing down the ageing process.

4. The more you resist the more it persists.

A voice inside your head whispers “I want to change my eating and lifestyle habits but it’s too hard to do it alone”. Ignoring that voice won’t make the problem go away. In fact, it will make it worse. Remember nothing changes if nothing changes.

Life is so short and precious that you want to be spending your time achieving your goals, trying new things, being happy and content for years to come.
But you must be careful how you choose to fix all this for yourself.

Some things just don’t work as you’d expect.

Giving up your favourite foods forever is not sustainable and leads to self sabotage and bingeing from too much restriction. You are much more likely to succeed if you do small 5 day cleanses regularly, and maintain a healthy balance the rest of the time – following the 80/20 rule.
Fad dieting only offers temporary results. Skipping meals and eating less can put the body into starvation mode and actually make it even harder to lose weight. Once you eat the right foods in the right quantities, you find you won’t feel hungry and your cravings for sweet or salty foods will fade away.
Trying to find the solution yourself leads to misinformation, confusion and frustration. You’ll save yourself a lot of wasted time and hassle by learning from someone who’s been there and is now qualified and educated with over 12 years experience in the space of food and natural wellbeing.
Seeking advice from the wrong practitioner will likely make the problem worse. Many health professionals and physicians aren’t qualified in the space of food and nutrition, and with all good intentions may offer the wrong approach.

So you may be wondering what you CAN do then, right? I’ll get into that in a minute,

but first, let me introduce myself properly.

Hi, I’m Bek and I’ve been where you are:

Trapped by my poor food choices (when I didn’t even know I was making poor choices). Stressed all the time. Numbing my dissatisfaction with too many glasses of wine at dinner. Feeling like every day I was losing more and more of who I truly was put on planet earth to be. Yet at the same time, thinking this was all “normal”.

My business as a Natural Nutritionist came about from overcoming my own personal health struggles with fertility. I experienced many miscarriages and the mainstream health system couldn’t offer any answers. Being an introverted control freak it was in my nature to dive deep into finding my own solution. I turned to natural therapies and learned that my system was out of balance. I transformed my nutrition, self-care, and lifestyle habits. By nurturing my body, I had 3 beautiful children naturally, including a set of identical twins! But I also got so much more: proper sleep, more energy, a body that looks and feels better than on my wedding day.

Cleansing was an integral part of my health journey but there wasn’t a lot of understanding or support out there that was useful or helpful. I did a huge amount of my own research and experimented with various things, and as a result I knew what I had learned needed to be shared with other women to help achieve the same results. So over 12 years ago I went from Financial Planner to Natural Nutritionist and know this service is what I am here on Earth to provide. Why?

Because I care, and believe everyone deserves to feel healthy, happy and excited for life, as well as have the necessary tools and resources to successfully overcome physical, mental and emotional frustrations without having to rely on pharmaceuticals to mask the problems.

I’m much more than your everyday nutritionist….

As a certified nutritionist and passionate advocate for natural healing, I educate people on the truth about what’s really causing their health problems. I give renewed hope with holistic solutions and ongoing support so that you have less stress, better long term results and more confidence and enjoyment in life.

I love love love teaching and sharing what I know from my 12+ years of personal and professional experience, and my work with hundreds of busy women like yourself. Most of what I have learned about health and wellbeing is not widely known.

Toxicity plays a role in nearly every major modern health challenge. Many of the symptoms associated with a medical diagnosis like headache, tiredness, bloating, weight gain, low tolerance to stress, emotional turmoil, and poor sleep might just signal that you’re experiencing toxic overload. Once you remove the excess toxins making you sick and sluggish, life becomes a totally different experience!

My aim is to teach you the Why, What, and How, and give you a little kick in the butt to get going. Accountability to take action is what will get you the results – more energy, ideal weight, quality sleep, and a glowing body!

I specialise in helping women with two things; healing through nutrition and building stress resilience through self-care. I combine diagnostics, wisdom, and knowledge and together we go outside the box to address and solve the root causes of problems. The Seasonal Cleanse is the foundation of this approach.

Connection and community are very important values to me. What better way to start a health and weight loss journey than with your own Nutritionist as well as a group community. It’s way more fun than going it alone and you’re far more likely to achieve success with the guidance and support of others.

I’m here to help you get started and Seasonal Cleanse is a space I have created for women who need support, motivation, nutrition, and accountability to stay nourished, focused and healthy.

Seasonal Cleanse is the program that makes cleansing your body a whole lot easier. You will master my proven system to reset your energy and nutrition even if…. 

You don't have time
The culprit is the disconnection to food that has happened as a result of being busy, which led to nutrition and meal prep to fall down on the list of priorities. You will be able to nail the Seasonal cleanse even if you only have 15 minutes of preparation time for every meal. You only need to do this 5 days each season.
You can't give up your favourite treats
I love coffee, wine, and chocolate as well and I’m not asking you to give them up forever, just 5 days every few months.
You don’t like cooking
Our busy lives have created habits where we look to foods that are easy to eat on the go, or we rely on takeaway. A cleanse is a wonderful opportunity to get back into the kitchen and reignite your culinary skills….
You’ve never tried a whole food meal plan
Our busy lives have created habits where we look to foods that are easy to eat on the go, or we rely on takeaway. A cleanse is a wonderful opportunity to get back into the kitchen and reignite your culinary skills….
It sounds too hard
Seasonal Cleanse is a reset made simple and without compromise.

I promised I will make this easy for you, so here’s what’s inside SEASONAL CLEANSE:

This program makes cleansing your body a whole lot easier. You will master my proven system to increase your energy and improve your nutrition with delicious recipes aligned to the seasons, so you get maximum results with minimum effort and without guesswork.

Value $149 

Complete support and ongoing guidance during your cleanse so you have accountability and the advantage of your own personal nutritionist whenever you need. This ensures you never feel alone or unsure when you have questions. Nutritionist support will also remove any overwhelm or hesitation you may be feeling if you have tried a cleanse on your own in the past and have not been able to finish.

Value $157

Daily emails during each seasonal cleanse with tips and reflection questions so that you stay motivated each day to keep going.

Value $47

Email reminders sent straight to your inbox so that you know when it’s time to cleanse each season, which ensures you stay on top of your health and wellness maintenance without having to remember to put it in your diary.

Value $47

Lifetime access to Seasonal Cleanse so you always have the tools to support your health and wellbeing journey.

Value $97

Total Value $497

But there’s much more to this offer. I want to make extra sure that this will work for you so, for a limited time, I am also adding a few amazing bonuses:

Accountability Partner – Access to a private Facebook community group where you can stay connected to me and reach out anytime you have questions. Plus you will be able to connect to other women and support each other during your cleanse. We share inspiration, encouragement, photos of meals prepared. I will also offer bonus recipes and tips from time to time. You can do your cleanse anytime and reach out to the group.

Plus, as an ADDED BONUS I will personally be doing the cleanse every 3 months and you can join me in the group and cleanse together! Let me hold your hand through your cleanse. This is free – I’ve covered the cost for you.

Value of Bonus and Added Bonus $97

Those who take action get results! The choice is now yours.

You can either choose to do what you’ve been doing so far, without doing a seasonal cleanse and feel sluggish, bloated, and frustrated, while experiencing a foggy brain, cravings, and still wanting change and a better life.

Or you could follow my advice, do a cleanse with me and in just 5 days feel lighter, clearer, more rested, rejuvenated, on top of your game, more energised, extremely focused, and happy.

True stories are the most powerful example.

Here’s what Kathy, one of my clients, shared after she completed her first cleanse.
Kathy reached out to me because she was feeling lethargic, bloated, a little too reliant on her evening glass of wine (or two), and unmotivated toward life in general – you know – just “blah”.

After the cleanse Kathy said she wished she had taken a before photo of herself because her bloating had reduced and her clothes were fitting better after just 5 days.

Kathy was pleased to share that her creativity was reignited because she was feeling rejuvenated and was getting back into her gardening and macrame, whereas before the cleanse she wasn’t feeling inspired or motivated to do the things she loved and brought joy and meaning to her life.

She also said her coping mechanisms had improved because she had better energy and her moods were more even and calm.

What type of life do you want?

It’s important you know the value of what you’re getting.

The complete offer price is $44 one time, for lifetime access.

For the price of one meal out at your favourite restaurant and for less than the cost of a Nutritionist Consult you can get:

Instant access to 4 downloadable cleanse ebooks – one unique to each seasonValue $149

Full nutritionist support and guidance through emailValue $157 

Daily emails during each seasonal cleanseValue $47 

Seasonal email remindersValue $47 

Lifetime access to seasonal cleanseValue $97 

Total Value $497



  • Bonus Facebook Group with an opportunity to cleanse alongside me every 3 months.  ($97)

And you can get all that and lifetime access for just $44 for a limited time!

Total Offer value $497

Total Bonus value $97

Total saving $550

And there’s no risk attached due to my complete Confidence Guarantee.

Money-Back Guarantee

I understand you may have tried other things that have left you disappointed in the past, and that your expectations may not have been met.

That’s why I offer a 7-day money back guarantee, so if you don’t feel this is for you for any reason, you can contact me by email for a refund. You can even try the cleanse and still get your money back if you don’t feel it has added value to your life.

Go through the cleanse programs, try things out, connect with the community and even have your first 5 day cleanse completed, reaping the benefits of feeling renewed. No risk for you and nothing to lose, just a 7-day opportunity to learn something new, make some new recipes and make real progress.

I can offer this guarantee with full confidence!

No program out there is as serious, committed, researched, and heartfelt like this one. It’s the obvious choice simply because:

It’s designed specifically so that your body works with the seasonal energy for better results. You don’t have to give up all your creature comforts forever, just for a few days at the change of each season. Each seasonal cleanse has been uniquely crafted to suit the climate for each season – e.g. warming soups and porridge in winter and refreshing salads and smoothies in summer.
You get to cleanse alongside me and have access to your own personal nutritionist in a private group setting to receive extraordinary client care and support.
Helps you reconnect to food and enjoy being back in the kitchen preparing easy and simple delicious healthy meals.
Your digestive system gets a deep rest. Did you know that your body uses over one third of its energy every day on digestion?! When it gets a bit of rest, this energy can be redirected toward eliminating excess toxins, and restoring and repairing other body systems.
You’ll disrupt your usual habits & consciously create new ones, you’ll reset your taste buds and decimate those controlling cravings and opt for better choices.

You’re unique.

You know that by now so you might be wondering if this is right for you.

This may not be for you if:

You’re already taking action on another nutritional reset or detox program
You’re currently pregnant or breastfeeding, this is not the time to be detoxing or cleansing.
You aren’t able to set aside a small amount of time each day for yourself to give back to your body.
You don’t want to take action.
You’re totally happy and content with your life currently in terms of focus, clarity, mood, weight, and energy.

This definitely is  for You if:

You’re ready to take your physical and mental wellbeing to the next level and don’t want to go at it alone, or have no idea where to start
You’ve tried other diets and programs in the past that haven’t worked and are open to something new without the guesswork and overwhelm
You are the kind of person who thrives following instructions
You’ve never tried a cleanse before and want someone to walk you through the experience
Have 2 or more kilos to lose (particularly around the tummy) and you are committed and willing to follow the daily cleanse instructions
Doing all the “right things” with your diet and exercise yet still not getting the results you want, OR, what used to work no longer does and you are ready to learn a new approach

Got some questions? Here’s what I most often get asked:

I’m in - what happens next?
YAY! Once you sign up everything will be delivered to your inbox immediately with easy access – saving you hours of research and time trying to figure things out.
When can I start my first cleanse?
You can start your first cleanse straight away. So in just 5 days from today your first cleanse could already be behind you. Imagine that.
What exactly is included in the downloadable resources?
You immediately receive a downloadable resource for each season; summer, autumn, winter and spring.
Everything you need is in each cleanse ebook which will save you time and includes seasonal recipes with highly nutritious meals that are energising and give the digestive system a well deserved break. Also included are meal planning templates, shopping lists, easy to follow daily cleanse guidelines, and post cleanse tips so you don’t undo all your hard work. Think along the lines of tips for optimal nutrition, better sleep, stress management, and upleveling lifestyle habits.
What EXACTLY will I be doing in the seasonal cleanse - what do the 5 days look like?
In a nutshell – for 5 days during each season you’ll eat lighter, cleaner, move mindfully, reflect, reset and rebalance. Once you are ready to start your first 5 day cleanse you will refer to your seasonal cleanse booklet that has all the recipes, meal plan templates, shopping lists and daily instructions. Then you will shop for your ingredients. When you are ready to start day 1 of your cleanse you will activate the daily emails which you receive each day as added support. If you need any assistance along the way you can reach me by email, or post in the Facebook group.
Is there a set date I need to cleanse for the 5 days each season?
No. This is your cleanse. You can decide when will be the best time to fit a cleanse into your personal schedule.
Don’t worry, I will provide email reminders each season so you won’t forget to cleanse. And remember you can join the private group and receive the free bonus where you can cleanse with me alongside you each season for added support and encouragement.
Will I need to buy any fancy or expensive equipment to prepare my meals?
You won’t need to go out and buy anything fancy like an expensive juicer. The meals are very easy to prepare with your everyday appliances such as an oven, stovetop, and blender/food processor.
Will I be able to do Seasonal Cleanse even if I don't have a lot of time to be in the kitchen preparing meals?
The Seasonal cleanse has been intentionally created for those who are busy or don’t like spending a huge amount of time in the kitchen and the recipes are simple, affordable, and achievable.
You will need to allow a little bit of time each day to prepare your meals. Even if you only have 10-15 minutes of preparation time for every meal, you can complete this cleanse. The ingredients used are basic wholefoods and not complicated at all.
I want to do this but I’m super busy right now and not sure I’m ready or if it’s the right time?
The thing is it’s not really about how much time you have, it’s about what you are willing to make a priority…. So the question really is; are you willing to make having more focus, clarity, energy, and body confidence among your top priorities?
I’m in my 30’s, 40’s, 50’s, 60’s, 70’s+ - will I be able to do this and get the results I desire?
Absolutely. Seasonal cleanse has been created for all ages. Whether it’s your first ever cleanse or you’ve done cleanses or detoxes before, seasonal cleanse will be a fantastic addition to your healthcare toolkit. Many of my clients are well into their 40’s, 50’s and 60’s which makes sense because as the decades rollover, the more environmental toxicity we have been exposed too and has accumulated in our system, which needs to be cleared.
Can I do the Seasonal Cleanse if I have a health condition?
I always recommend you speak with your healthcare provider if you have an ongoing health condition before making changes to your nutrition plan. DISCLAIMER: The information presented throughout this seasonal cleanse program has been researched from reputable sources and is the personal opinion of the author in her capacity as an integrative nutritionist. The 5 Day Seasonal Cleanse is not intended to substitute or replace medical advice or be a specific treatment plan for any medical condition. Consult your medical health professional before adding anything new to your treatment program, including dietary changes.
Cleansing sounds hard, what if I can’t do it alone?
Great question. I don’t want you to feel alone in your quest for better health so I have added a few layers of support to ensure you feel nurtured and cared for. There is a private Facebook group you can join for cleanse support. It’s wonderful to cleanse in a group environment – we can share photos of our meals for inspiration and offer encouragement and support to each other. You are also able to email me privately if you have questions or concerns and don’t feel like asking in a group setting. PLUS I will do the cleanse each season and you will be able to cleanse alongside me.
What foods do I have to give up on the cleanse?
The nutritional requirements will be fully explained in the cleanse. You will avoid inflammatory and hard to digest foods while on the cleanse and focus on nutritious wholefoods. Think along the lines of refreshing and satisfying salads and smoothies in summer, and warming and nourishing soups and porridges in winter. All meals will be gluten free, grain free, dairy free, vegetarian, refined sugar free. You don’t have to think about anything – simply follow the recipes for a full reset.
Will I be hungry on the cleanse?
Seasonal Cleanse is not intended to be restrictive. The intention is to eat clean foods to give your body a chance to rid of excess toxins. You will enjoy regular nourishing meals for breakfast, lunch, and dinner, and even snacks (there’s even a healthy treat recipe in every cleanse book).
Is it really just $44?
Yes. It really is only $44 for a cleanse for every season for lifetime access! There are no hidden costs. For less than the cost of a Nutritionist consult you can have your very own lifelong cleanse program.
Why should I cleanse Seasonally?
The transition between any season is an ideal opportunity to focus on our health and nutrition and take some time to reflect on what may be out of balance in our lives, then take steps to restore our equilibrium.
A seasonal cleanse is a renewal process in which we eliminate whatever physical and emotional toxicities we have accumulated during the prior months, allowing our mind-body to return to a natural state of balance and health. After we’ve released the stored toxins that prevent the free flow of energy and information throughout our entire physiology, we can engage in practices of rejuvenation that nurture our vitality, self-healing, and wellbeing.
Can I do a cleanse more than once a season?
Yes, absolutely. Seasonal cleanse is yours to keep and you can do a 5 day cleanse anytime you feel the need for a reset. You can even continue beyond a 5 day cleanse for longer if you are feeling motivated to keep going for a deeper rejuvenation and transformation.

So let’s see again what you’re getting if you choose to get the SEASONAL CLEANSE today!

  • Instant access to 4 downloadable cleanse ebooks – one unique to each seasonValue $149
  • Full nutritionist support and guidance through emailValue $157
  • Daily emails during each seasonal cleanseValue $47 
  • Seasonal email remindersValue $47
  • Lifetime access to seasonal cleanseValue $97 


Total Value $497



  • Bonus Facebook Group with opportunity to cleanse alongside me every 3 months.  ($97)

And you can get all that and lifetime access for just $44 for a limited time!

Remember, the action Wellness Journal disappears in 3 hours.

Total Offer value $497

Total Bonus value $97

Total Offer Price: $44

Total saving $550


And you can try all this totally risk-free due to my complete confidence guarantee.

Many of us think …

“I’ve got this…” or “I can do this…”

And when you don’t, do you ask for help and support or give up?

I am here to help and support you in living and leading a more healthy, mindful lifestyle and can’t wait for you to get started right now with this 5 day seasonal cleanse.

Let’s do this together!

This offer will increase in the future so take action now. You don’t need to start a cleanse straight away – you can start whenever you are ready. You have it for life!

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