Let me show you how you can cleanse and revitalise your health with some of my FREE resources you can grab below and start using straight away! 

Daily Detox Smoothie Recipe

Start your morning right with this daily detox smoothie that is healthy, balanced and tastes delicious! 

Smoothies are a quick and easy way to increase nutritional intake, flush toxins, boost energy, manage weight, hydrate, ignite metabolism and prevent disease.  This carefully crafted smoothie ticks all the boxes when it comes to meeting your daily nutritional requirements such as vitamins, minerals, antioxidants, prebiotics, protein, fats, and carbs.

FREE Health Consultation (Phone)

Do you have some specific questions you’d like me to answer on how cleansing can benefit your health?  Simply make a booking to arrange a no obligation phone chat to get started on achieving YOUR health goals.  Whether you are considering your first cleanse, ready for more advanced protocols, or simply want to discuss your symptoms, you will leave the call with tips and actions you can immediately implement to get you started.

Alkaline/Acid Food Chart

Having an alkaline diet is very important for cleansing.  Healthy living is about balance and the key to optimal health is maintaining your body’s optimal pH.  Most scientific models have the ideal body pH at 7.4 or slightly alkaline. The human body must have a healthy reserve of alkaline to neutralize excess acids and safely remove them from the body. When our reserves are depleted, the body resorts to borrowing alkalines from our vital organs, weakening them and leaving the body wide open to disease.

When it comes to food, knowing which ones will generate acid and which ones will be alkaline in your body is a must.  Take out the guesswork with your Free Alkaline/Acid Food Chart. 

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