Magnetic Cellular Health Scan (Sunshine Coast)

A Magnetic Cellular Health Scan is a machine which reads the electromagnetic vibrations from your body at a cellular level and detects imbalances or weaknesses within the organs and body systems.

The scan in non invasive, inexpensive, takes 60 seconds, and assesses the vibrational frequency across a wide range of parameters.

Through extensive research, study and experience, the data is interpreted and then recommendations are made to promote the body to rebalance vibrational weaknesses, nutrients, body systems and organs for renewed vitality and optimal health. These recommendations commonly include nutrition, minerals, removal of toxins and lifestyle balance.

Disclaimer: The Magnetic Body Scanner is a testing system measuring frequencies of body systems and is not used to diagnose disease or treat disease.  Consult your medical practitioner for advice on medical matters.

Service Features


Health Goals & History

Let’s start by chatting about your health and lifestyle goals.

Prior to your consult you will receive a Health Questionnaire so I can find out about your health and medical history, nutrition, lifestyle, family, symptoms, health goals, what brings you happiness, and what you find challenging.

Healthy cell function is highly dependent on past and present diet and lifestyle factors, so it’s important to gauge an understanding of your overall health history to be able to provide the most suitable actions unique to you.

Once established you will then be scanned using a Quantum Magnetic Resonance Analayis Scan.  It’s non invasive and takes only 60 seconds to scan your body.

The Scan Analyses:

🌿 Gut Function (absorption, digestion, elimination, assimilation, bacteria)

🌿 Deficiency of Vitamins and Minerals

🌿Hormone Balance 

🌿 Cardiovascular Health

🌿 EMF radiation

🌿 Effects from STRESS

🌿 Body pH

🌿 Blood Sugar / Cholesterol / Metabolism

🌿 Organs (liver, lungs, kidneys, skin, gallbladder, pancreas)

🌿 Heavy Metals

🌿 Inflammation (joints/ligaments)

🌿 Oxygen levels and delivery

🌿 Hydration

🌿 Immune system, Brain and Memory function

Results Driven Action Plan

Between the answers to your questionnaire and a detailed analysis of the results of your scan we can connect the dots and put the pieces of your health puzzle together. 

A personalised action plan will be created that you can implement straight away, setting you on a path towards achieving your goals.

Natural protocols are implemented based on the results and findings of your scan, including; gut rebalance, probiotics, mineral,  lifestyle and nutrition changes, stress management, emotional clearing tools, energy healing, cleanse and detoxification and replenishing nutrients.

Support & Track Progress

The life changes begin from the moment we start the consultation.  From there, it is important to stay in regular contact to ensure you stay on track and accounable to the promise you have made to yourself to improve your health and FEEL BETTER!

Here’s how we stay connected;

Email your queries, concerns, and wins!

Schedule a free phone consultation.

Book in a follow up consultation.

Join the closed facebook group for ongoing support.

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